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    imgBubbletec International limited
    Bubbletec is a company registered and managed in Guernsey. It was founded in 1993.The company’s philosophy is principally based on green issues, especially protecting the environment.
    bubbletec offers advanced natural Ready To Use (RTU) scientific solutions to environmental problems for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Institutional and Domestic use.
    We specialise in providing a wide range of microbial treatment products – balanced cultures of billions of naturally occouring non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes and nutrients available in liquid, solid and power form – which are obtained through selective adaptation and developed under ideal conditions to produce “Super Bugs”, a special strong and healthy Bio-Mass.

    Product Specialist Tasks
    We have Products that specialise in one or more of the following tasks:

    Auto Dosing Systems for liquids
    Compact, flexible, cost effective system operated by battery or 240v mains supply.

    Biological increase growth of beneficial micro-organisms.

    the destruction of one or more chemicals by biological influences; especially the breakdown of substances potentially detrimental to the environment in waste water effluents and petrochemical hydrocarbon spillages.

    a biological correction process.

    the process of removing nitrogen or nitrogen compounds from a substance.

    the process by which nitrogen in ammonia and organic compounds is converted to nitrites and nitrates.

    Odour Control
    Tackling both aqueous & atmospheric states.
    The source of the problem often being a liquid, slurry or as solids. Read more

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