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    Bubbletec International limited
    Bubbletec is a company registered and managed in Guernsey. It was founded in 1993.The company’s philosophy is principally based on green issues, especially protecting the environment.Bubbletec offers advanced natural Ready To Use (RTU) scientific solutions to environmental problems for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Institutional and Domestic use.We specialise in providing a wide range of microbial treatment products – balanced cultures of billions of naturally occouring non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes and nutrients available in liquid, solid and power form – which are obtained through selective adaptation and developed under ideal conditions to produce “Super Bugs”, a special strong and healthy Bio-Mass.

    Product Specialist Tasks
    We have Products that specialise in one or more of the following tasks:

    Auto Dosing Systems for liquids
    Compact, flexible, cost effective system operated by battery or 240v mains supply.

    Biological increase growth of beneficial micro-organisms.

    the destruction of one or more chemicals by biological influences; especially the breakdown of substances potentially detrimental to the environment in waste water effluents and petrochemical hydrocarbon spillages.

    a biological correction process.

    the process of removing nitrogen or nitrogen compounds from a substance.

    the process by which nitrogen in ammonia and organic compounds is converted to nitrites and nitrates.

    Odour Control
    Tackling both aqueous & atmospheric states.
    The source of the problem often being a liquid, slurry or as solids

    Product Applications
    We offer solutions to the following applications:

    Abbottoir Waste Activated Sludge Aeration Basin
     Agriculture  Aquaculture (freshwater)
     Aquarium  Benzene
     Brewery Waste  Cage
     Canning Factory  Cesspit
     Cesspool  Coal Conversion
     Compost Heap  Contaminated Water
     Coop  Dairy Farm
     Degreaser  Digester – Aerobic & Anaerobic
     Drain / Sewer Line Maintenance  Fast Food / Take-Away Establishment
     Flood Damage Odour  Fire Damage Odour
     Fish Farm  Food Processing
     Grease Trap  Golf Course
     Horticulture  Hospital
     Hotel  Hutch
     Kennel  Kitchen
     Lake  Lagoon
     Land Remediation  Landfill Site
     Lift / Pumping Station  Mariculture (seawater)
     Marinas  Mobile / Portable Toilet
     Nursing / Residential Homes  Oil Spills – Open Water
     Pen  Petrochemical Refinery
     Petroleum Cracking  Pharmaceutical Operation
     Pig Farm  Plant Care
     Plastic Resins  Primary Clarifier
     Polymerisation Operation  Poultry Farm
     Pond  Pound
     Prawn / Shrimp Farm  Public Convenience Facility
     Refuse Container  Restaurant
     Reservoir  Rubbish Containment Areas
     Sanitary Systems  Service Station Trap
     Sewerage Systems  Sewage Pit
     Septic Tank  Sludge Drying Bed
     Sludge Haulage Container  Sludge Thickening System
     Soak-away  Soil Remediation
     Stable  Steel & Coking System
     Sty  Sump
     Textile Waste Water  Sump
     Waste Water Tank – Above Ground  WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants)
     Waste Collection System  Urinal

    For individual solutions to your spacific waste problems, please contact us.

    We have Products to tackle
    Our Products can tackle the following:

    Acetone Algal Growth
    Amines Ammonia
    Ammonium BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
    COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Carbohydrates
    Cellulose Chemicals
    Cresol Compost
    Dairy Waste Diesel
    Fatty Acids – Long & Short Chain Filamentous Bulking
    Foaming Food FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease and Starch)
    Food Processing Waste Hydrocarbons – Petrochemical Oil
    Hydrogen Sulphide Ketone
    Leachate Lipids
    Nitrate Nitrite
    Manure Mercaptans
    Milk Mineral Oil
    Organic Waste Paper & Pulp Waste
    Petrol / Gasoline pH Stablization
    Phenolics Proteins
    Refinery Waste Scale
    Scum Sewage
    Sludge Slurry
    Solvents Sulphides
    Surfactants TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
    TSS (Total Suspended Solids) Urine
    Water ClarificationWWTP Upset Recovery WWTP Optimisation

    For individual solutions to your spacific waste problems, please contact us.

    Product Form & Size
    Products are available in the following form and sizes:

    Form Size
    Liquid 0.5, 1, 5, 25, 205 & 1000 litres
    Liquid Concentrates 0.5, 1, 5, 25, 205 & 1000 litres
    Powder 900 grams, 5, 10, & 30 kgs
    Powder in Water Soluble Sachets 20, 25, 200, 225, & 450 grams
    Solid – Water Soluble 22 grams

    A few words about comparisons and the bubbleproduct difference
    When evaluating two or more items, it is imperative that the person making the determination compares like products – apples to apples.

    The “just like a bubbleproduct” comparison:
    When hearing this comment, you automatically know that the product named right after the “just like” is the industry leader. The sales person comparing their item as “just like” is attempting to link their product to the leader.

    The difference:
    You will never hear our representatives say that the bubbleproduct are just like anything other than a bubbleproduct. Chances are that if a product is just like a bubbleproduct, it is indeed a bubbleproduct. All our bubbleproduct are manufactured using the latest advanced technologies that make our products different and better. A superior product.

    We have invested a great deal in terms of time, effort and expense to bring you superior products. The bubbleproduct price reflects the cost to offer the best products made.